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Mission Statement

The Pope County Coroner accurately determines causes of death through the most up-to-date, ethical, and competent Medicolegal Death Investigation training and techniques. Earning the trust and respect of the citizens and community in which we are privileged and honored to serve, we assist the bereaved in the loss of their loved one and establish a cooperative and processional partnership with law enforcement, funeral establishments, and Emergency Medical Services.

Coroner Medicolegal Death Investigator Matthew Scott Arkansas Coroners Association
International Association of Coroners and Medical Examiners
American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators

Matthew Scott

Pope County Coroner
7211 SR 124
Russellville, AR  72802

Cell  (479) 970-5999
FAX (479) 968-6142

Email Contact:


Licenses and Certifications

Nationally Registered EMT-Paramedic
Arkansas Licensed EMT-Paramedic
ALETA Certified Arkansas Medicolegal Death Investigator
Saint Louis University School of Medicine Certification in Medicolegal Death Investigation
University of Arkansas Criminal Justice Institute Death Investigation Course Certified
Arkansas State Crime Lab Certification on Bodily Fluid Collection Arkansas State Emergency Response Commission Appointment
Reid Interview and Interrogation Certification 

Frequently Asked Questions/Answers:

Q.  What does the Coroner do?
A.  The Coroner is responsible for determining manner of death (natural, suicide, homicide, accident, or unknown) and cause of death.  In the natural death, what caused the death, heart attacks, stroke, etc.  Suicide, was it caused by a gun? medication? Hanging? or etc. Homicide, was it caused by a gun, knife, car or etc.
Q.  What type of training does a coroner need?
A.  None.  The individual must live in the county for thirty days or more, be 21 or older and win an election.  Here in Pope County, about 5%-10% of my total budget goes to training myself and my staff in death scene investigation.
Q.  What do I do when a family member dies?
A.  First call 911 and tell them your situation and they will help you through the process and then they will call the coroner and he or she will take over.