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Juvenile Probation





The principal mission of the Pope County Juvenile Office is to prevent and reduce delinquent behavior; promote and maintain safe communities, and improve the welfare of youth and their families by providing individualized evidence-based services. 

The principle beliefs supporting this mission are: 

  1. Public Safety
  2. Accountability of youthful offenders
  3. Collaborative planning with local agencies
  4. Need to act in the best interest and safety of youth
  5. Need to use a less restrictive alternative when available
  6. Promote the rights of victims
Jaime Davis.jpg Leah McElroy.jpeg Crystal Ruiz.jpeg

Jaime Davis

Chief Juvenile Officer/Drug Court Coordinator

Leah McElroy

Intake Officer

Crystal Ruiz

Intake Officer

Alicia Standridge.jpeg Amber Bryant.jpeg Angie Thornsberry.JPG

Alicia  Standridge

Probation Officer

Amber Bryant

Probation Officer

Angie Thornsberry

FINS/Truancy Officer