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Justices of Peace

2021-2022 Pope County Justices of Peace

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Phillip Haney

Justice Phillip Haney, District 1



Personnel Committee

Jennifer Sloan

Justice Jennifer Sloan, District 2



Tim Whittenburg

Justice Tim Whittenburg, District 3



Personnel Committee

Precincts: Atkins In, Atkins Out 1, Crow Mtn East 1

Precincts: Atkins Out 2, Pottsville In 1, Pottsville In 2, Pottsville Out 1, Pottsville Out 2, Pottsville Out 3

Precincts: Appleton 2, Atkins Out 3, Caglesville 2, Crow Mtn. East 2, Crow Mtn. West 1, Economy, Moreland 1, Pea Ridge

Jason Muncy

Justice Jason Muncy, District 4 





Jackie Heflin

Justice Jackie Heflin, District 5 



Chairman - Personnel Committee

Budget Committee

Jamie Jackson

Justice Jamie Jackson, District 6




Personnel Committee



Precincts: Appleton 1, Buck Mtn., Caglesville 1, Freeman, Hector In, Hector Out, Martin 1, Moreland 2, Scottsville 1, Nogo

Precincts: Dover In, Dover Out, Scottsville 2 


Precincts: Bayliss, London In, London Out, Martin 2, Martin 3 


Roy Reaves

Justice Roy Reaves, District 7





Doug Skelton

Justice Doug Skelton, District 8



Personnel Committee



Bill Sparks

Justice Bill Sparks, District 9



Co-Chair - Budget Committee 


Association of Arkansas Counties Representative

 Precincts: Crow Mtn. West 2, Rsvl 4A, Rsvl 4B, Rsvl Out 1, Rsvl Out 2


 Precincts: Rsvl 1A, Rsvl 4C


 Precincts: Rsvl 1B, Rsvl 2A


Allan George

Justice Allan George, District 10




Lane Scott

Justice Lane Scott, District 11




Joseph Pearson

Justice Joseph Pearson, District 12



Budget Committee

 Precincts: Rsvl 1C, Rsvl 2B 


 Precincts: Rsvl 1D, Rsvl 2C, Rsvl 3A, Rsvl 4D


 Precincts: Rsvl 3B, Rsvl 4E, Rsvl 4F, Rsvl Out 3


David Ivy

Justice David Ivy Dist. 13




Precincts: Rsvl 4G, Rsvl 4H, Rsvl Out 4


Pope County Quorum Court meetings are open to the public, we invite you to be our guest.

Pope County Justices of Peace District Map

JP District Map