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Justices of Peace

2019-2020 Pope County Justices of Peace

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Phillip Haney

Justice Phillip Haney, District 1



Personnel Committee

Caleb Moore

Justice Caleb Moore, District 2



Co-Chair - Personnel Committee

Tim Whittenburg

Justice Tim Whittenburg, District 3



Personnel Committee

Precincts: Atkins In, Atkins Out 1, Crow Mtn East 1

Precincts: Atkins Out 2, Pottsville In 1, Pottsville In 2, Pottsville Out 1, Pottsville Out 2, Pottsville Out 3

Precincts: Appleton 2, Atkins Out 3, Caglesville 2, Crow Mtn. East 2, Crow Mtn. West 1, Economy, Moreland 1, Pea Ridge

Reuben Brown

Justice Reuben Brown, District 4 



Budget Committee



Jackie Heflin

Justice Jackie Heflin, District 5 



Chairman - Personnel Committee

Budget Committee

Jamie Jackson

Justice Jamie Jackson, District 6




Personnel Committee



Precincts: Appleton 1, Buck Mtn., Caglesville 1, Freeman, Hector In, Hector Out, Martin 1, Moreland 2, Scottsville 1, Nogo

Precincts: Dover In, Dover Out, Scottsville 2 


Precincts: Bayliss, London In, London Out, Martin 2, Martin 3 


Blake Tarpley

Justice Blake Tarpley, District 7



Budget Committee



Doug Skelton

Justice Doug Skelton, District 8



Personnel Committee



Bill Sparks

Justice Bill Sparks, District 9



Co-Chair - Budget Committee 


Association of Arkansas Counties Representative

 Precincts: Crow Mtn. West 2, Rsvl 4A, Rsvl 4B, Rsvl Out 1, Rsvl Out 2


 Precincts: Rsvl 1A, Rsvl 4C


 Precincts: Rsvl 1B, Rsvl 2A


James Kusturin Jr.

Justice James Kusturin Jr., District 10



Budget Committee

Justice Ray Black

Justice Ray Black, District 11



Personnel Committee

Joseph Pearson

Justice Joseph Pearson, District 12



Budget Committee

 Precincts: Rsvl 1C, Rsvl 2B 


 Precincts: Rsvl 1D, Rsvl 2C, Rsvl 3A, Rsvl 4D


 Precincts: Rsvl 3B, Rsvl 4E, Rsvl 4F, Rsvl Out 3


Ernie Enchelmayer

Justice Ernie Enchelmayer Dist. 13



Chairman - Budget Committee

Precincts: Rsvl 4G, Rsvl 4H, Rsvl Out 4


Pope County Quorum Court meetings are open to the public, we invite you to be our guest.

Pope County Justices of Peace District Map

JP District Map