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Pope County Office of Emergency Management


Mission statement

 The Pope County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) strives to improve quality of life for all populations within the community. We do this by offering the highest level of involvement in the preparedness, prevention, planning, response, and recovery stages of an emergency. By coordinating with local, state, federal, and private sector agencies, our emergency management team is dedicated to providing a safe and secure outlook regarding all hazard events.



Emergencies and natural disasters can be a part of life: tornadoes, fires, and flooding are among the many. Although these risks cannot be eliminated, the degree to which we are affected by them relates to how well we have prepared for them.

During an emergency, Pope County's primary duty is to ensure public safety and restore services as soon as possible. In any natural disaster, Pope County resources are directed toward evacuating residents as necessary, coordinating with police, fire, and medical emergencies, maintaining utility services, traffic control, and clearing streets of water or debris.

After the emergency is over, our focus will turn to recovery and restoring services back to normal operation.

Although no one can predict when the next emergency will occur or what it will be, Pope County strives to be a community that educates its citizens to become well-prepared for any unexpected event.