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Tax Collector FAQs

Q: Where can I pay my property and real estate taxes?
A: The Pope County Tax Collectors' office is located on the 2nd floor of the courthouse or you can mail your payment to: 100 West Main St., Russellville, AR 72801 or by phone at 1-866-257-2055. You may also use the convenient drop box in the parking lot or you may pay online at

Q: Can I get a paid tax receipt for my income tax return?
A: You can print a copy of your previous year tax receipt for income tax purposes here

Q: How are county taxes calculated?
A: Taxes are calculated by multiplying the "Taxable Value" times the "Millage Rate".

Q: What is a mill?
A: A mill is one-tenth of one cent. One mill is equal to one dollar per one Thousand value.

Q: Why did my taxes go up if everything is the same as last year?
A: If the value and/or millage have increased since the prior year, the current tax bill will be higher.

Q: Do I still owe property taxes if I sold my home, divorced or moved out of Pope County?
A: In Arkansas, taxes are paid one year in arrears. A personal property tax bill is created from anything that was assessed January 1st  - May 31st of the previous calendar year. If a couple were married and assessed together but divorced during the year, they are still responsible for the combined tax bill. A real estate tax bill is created from the owner of record on January 1st of the previous year. If a property was sold during the year, closing documents will explain the responsibility of the buyer and the seller concerning the tax bill.

Q: Why does my tag renewal form say taxes have not been paid?
A: Your personal property taxes were not paid by October 15th the previous year and must be paid before renewing the tags. If you lived in another county the previous year, you will need a tax receipt from that county or our office can call and verify your taxes are paid in your previous county. It usually takes 2 years after moving to a new county to be able to obtain tags through the mail or online.

Q: Why did my property value increase?
A: Property is assessed by the Assessor's office. Contact them at (479) 968-7418.

Q: What is a value freeze and how do I get it on my taxes?
A: When a person reaches the age of 65 a valuation freeze may be applied to the taxpayer's real estate bill. For more information contact the Pope County Assessor's office at (479) 968-7418.

Q: What is the homestead credit and how do I apply for it?
A: Amendment 79 allows a credit of up to $375 on the general taxes of an eligible taxpayer's principle place of residence. For more information or to apply contact the Pope County Assessor's office at (479) 968-7418.

Q: What do I do if my real estate taxes are escrowed?
A: If taxes are escrowed by your mortgage company, the tax statement will be sent to a mortgage company only if requested by them per written submission or tape request.

Q: What is an improvement district fee?
A: When property owners would benefit from a local service or Improvement, a charge (the improvement district fee) is added to the tax bill. Improvement Districts may be set up under certain Arkansas statues to provide a benefit to the owners within the district. Ex. fire protection, sewer, irrigation, flood control and drainage. Pope County Improvement Districts.

Q: How do I qualify for a DAV exemption?
A: To qualify for DAV exemption, you must furnish the Collector's office with a letter of eligibility from the Veterans Administration dated in the current year.

Q: Why am I being charged for a vehicle I no longer own?
A: Per Arkansas law, you pay on property you owned as of May 31st of the previous year. All property taxes are paid a year in arrears.

Q: Why is there a late assessment penalty on my tax bill?
A: Arkansas law requires all personal property be assessed between January 1st and May 31st of each year. Failure to assess within this time period results in a 10% Late Assessment Penalty added to your personal property tax amount due.

Q: What is the latest day I can pay my taxes?
A: Tax Books open March 1st and close on October 15th. After October 15th penalties are added.

Q: What if October 15th falls on a holiday or a weekend?
A: Arkansas law states if October 15th falls on a holiday observed by the US Post Office or weekend the taxes shall become due the following business day.

Q: I don't have children, why do I pay the schools?
A: Pope County taxes are divided between the schools, county general, library and roads based on the millage rates. It's divided the same way regardless of age, gender, nationality or how many children you have.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash, Check, or money orders are accepted and Credit/Debit card payments may be made at Electronic payments (Debit/Credit and Electronic Checks) are made available through Information Network of Arkansas (INA). A portal processing fee is added by INA to ALL credit card transactions. Please note that if your check is returned as insufficient, you forfeit the right or privilege to pay with a check in our office.

Q: What happens to my property if I do not pay my taxes?
A: When property taxes are not paid for 2 consecutive years the land is certified to the Commissioner of State Lands where it is subject to further penalties and fees. It remains at the state level for 2 years before it is sold at auction. Commissioner of State Lands