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Appeal Process

The Arkansas Supreme Court has determined on what basis a property's value should be changed upon appeal.  The reasons have been summarized below and you should consider appealing your assessment if you find that any apply to you:

  • Is the assessment unfair, compared with other lands of the same kind similarly situated?  Your property is appraised higher than neighborhood properties of the same use, size, materials and condition.
  • Is the assessment clearly erroneous?  The appraisal relies on inaccurate or insufficient information about the property.  Residential property example:  the details of a building's quality or condition have been disregarded.  Commercial property example:  market rental income generated by the property has not been considered.
  • Is the assessment manifestly excessive?  The appraised value of a property greatly exceeds what a willing, knowledgeable and informed buyer would pay for a similar property.  Selling prices of similar properties indicate whether the appraised value of a property is excessive or not.

You have the right to appeal your valuation to the Pope County Board of Equalization.  They meet yearly, as needed during the months of August and September.  To schedule an appointment with the Board, please contact the Pope County Assessor's Office at 479-968-7418.  You must schedule your appointment on or before the third Monday in August.

Further Appeal Rights:
You have the right to appeal the Board of Equalization's decision to the County Court and then the County Court's decision to the Circuit Court.  You must first, however, appeal to the Pope County Board of Equalization before proceeding further in the appeals process.