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Millage Rates

Arkansas statute sets out how taxes are computed.  Appraised value multiplied by 20% equals assessed value.  Since 2000 when Amendment 79 was passed by the voters of Arkansas, a new value has been created called taxable value.  The taxable value consist of a base value, which is the assessed value prior to first reappraisal after the passage of Amendment 79, plus any caps (5%, 10%, or freeze) and newly discovered property for each year thereafter.  The taxable value multiplied by the millage rate for your school district equals tax amount.

For instance if you have a new house in Russellville School District appraised at $100,000, to estimate your taxes you would multiply $100,000 by 20% to get the assessed value of $20,000.  Since it is a newly constructed house, the taxable value would also be $20,000.  Then you multiply $20,000 by .0457 (total millage for Russellville School District), with a result of $914 as the estimated tax amount.

Personal property taxes are computed the same way.  The Pope County Assessor will assign a dollar value to your personal property based on a manual provided by the Arkansas Assessment Coordination Division of DF&A.  The resulting assessed value will be multiplied by the school district millage rate.

Millage rates are levied each November by the Pope County Quorum Court.

2021 Millage Rates

#14 Russellville .04530
#14 Russellville - City .04582
#14 Russellville - Lo .04530
#17 Dover .04800
#17 Dover-Ru .04852
#18 Atkins .04790
#59 Hector .04900
#61 Pottsville .04970
#61 Pottsville-Ru .05022
#27 Dardanelle .04470
#27 Dardanelle-Ru .04522
#39 Lamar .04448
#01 Clinton .04130
#08 Wonderview .04370